We provide analytical services for the research groups of our department and for external customers.
Customers from the DCB are kindly asked to submit their samples together with the completed submission form directly to our lab (U181). Please read the sample submission guidelines  first. If you are uncertain, which type of analysis you need, or have any questions concerning our analytical services, please don't hesitate to ask us.
External customers who are interested in our service, please contact us.
Sample Submission Form
Mass Spectrometry
Sample Submission Form
Thermal Elemental Analysis
Sample Submission Form
Protein Analysis

Mass Spectrometry

(Nano-) Electrospray Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (ESI-MS)

Electron Ionization Mass Spectrometry (EI-MS)

Accurate Mass Determination

Determination of the Elemental Composition

Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS)


Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

Thermal Elemental Analysis

This method is used for organic samples that cannot be analysed by ESI-MS.

The percentage of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur are determined by combustion of the material followed by gaschromatography of the produced gases.

At least 5-6 mg of material is needed for an analysis in triplicate.

Standard method is CHN

CHNS only for non-fluorinated compounds!


Protein Analysis

Determination of free amino acids in various liquids

Determination of the amino acid composition, amino sugars, and content of peptides and proteins

Quality control of peptides and proteins by amino acid analysis

Sequence determination of peptides by MS/MS

contact: Claudia Bühr
Calculation Template  
for the quantification of amino acid composition