A great part of our research is focused on the application of tandem mass spectrometry for the structural investigation of oligonucleotides and their analogues. Modified oligonucleotides bear a great potential for therapeutic applications and diagnostic purposes. Since classical sequencing methods based on enzymatic or chemical degradation often fail in the case of modified oligonucleotides, alternative techniques are needed. A goal of our research is to fill this gap and to develop novel protocols based on tandem mass spectrometry for the characterization of nucleic acids. This also requires elucidation of the fundamental mechanistic processes involved in the gas-phase dissociation of selected compounds. In 2005, we demonstrated how collisionally activated RNA ions dissociate into the sequence-defining c- and y-type fragments. Other analytical work was focused on a number of DNA analogues, e.g. methylphosphonate-oligonucleotides and sugar-modified nucleic acids, which are of therapeutic interest.


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